Lyn Calderon Leadership Success Formula:

At Lyn Calderon we specialize in Leadership Development Success. .

The Lyn Calderon Leadership Success Formula is simple. We use our decades of hands-on experience to aid our clients in reaching their professional goals and aspirations. Our 'Leadership By Heart' style takes a more social-entrepreneurship approach to leadership success. Leading people is something achieved only by those who can identify, empathize and successful encourage people to follow them -willingly

True-Leadership is something earned.


What I’ve Learned:

Leadership Success is the outcome of many other things done right. It’s having a caring heart for people and giving a piece of yourself in everything that you do.

The ability to develop and unleash your own personal inner-power of leadership-potential is something which must be both developed and nurtured.

Everyone possesses this inherit ability. Anyone can use my ‘Steps to Leadership Success’ to identify, enhance and improve the leadership skills which they already possess. Even if you don’t think you’re a leader right now, I can show you that you are.

Whether it’s your natural ability to engage the guy at the corner market, or the way people positively-respond to your Facebook posts, or perhaps how your coworkers seem to huddle around you at lunch time. Maybe, it’s the way you can somehow get buy-in from the people around you for support of your new ideas.

As the former Managing Director and Treasurer of a Multi-National Corporation such as Suzuki Philippines, Incorporated, and former President of the MDPPA (Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association), a prestigious association of motorcycle manufacturers in the Philippines, as well as a proud member of FAMI (Federation of Asian Motorcycle Industries) and past Director of FPI (Federation of Philippine Industries), I have coached hundreds of teams and professionals to their success.

I am also, a John Maxwell Team Facilitator and Trainer of various Leadership Programs, a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), mentor and a mother. I have an uncanny-ability to motivate and inspire which comes naturally and effortlessly for me.

I have committed my life to the development of leaders.

My Passion is sharing tools and techniques to enable them to unleash their inner-power and achieve success.

When you're ready to go to the next level. When your organization, company or leadership is showing "Early Signs Of Success and Vast Potential" that's when the time is right. Let Lyn Calderon help you seize the opportunities which lie before you and reach heights you only imagined.

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